KIRKUK POETS Iraq Turkoman Poets:  Hicri DEDE

 Hicri DEDE

Kirkuk 1880-1952

Dr. Shemsettin KUZECI

Hicri DEDE was born in 1880 in Kirkuk and died in 1952.Fristly he attended to the madrasah. He became the student of preacher master molla Rıza. For a while he profited from molla Rıza the master who was one of the scholars of Kirkuk. Before The First World War he has worked as a teacher in Kirkuk High School for nearly three years. After war had started he lost his job. As soon as war came to an end he started teaching in Kirkuk Primary School for a few years.

He became the chief editor of gazette the Kirkuk in 1927. Hicri Dede is accepted the greatest poet of Turkoman Literature in the twentieth Century. The characteristics of his literary personality and poems are related to the culture, art and folklore of his land. Poems of Hicri Dede have been published in the newpapers and reviews such as Havadis(news), Kirkuk, Afak(horizons), Kardeslik(brotherhood).Besides he has written pems in persian language.


*Souvenir of Hicri, Baghdat, 1329

*Vigilance of Nation, Intibah-ı Millet Kirkuk,1333

*Present of Suleyman( Persain) Baghdat 1335

*Anthology(Persian) Baghdat 1342



Oh old imam, ancient centre, father Gurgur the khan

Oh glittered spreading of our city father Gurgur

O our blessed visiting place dear father Gurgur

We have a trouble please you solve father Gurgur


In Kerkuk we’ve a father and so has grandfather

We’ve a rich father and a poor grandfather

We’ve the master of singers and a starange wine glass besides

From now on we oly drink wine drunk father Gurgur


O the golden treassure, expert of spritual guides

We’ ve visited you for a long time with love

Show a miracle to enemies to day

Take care of your cityzens for a while father Gurgur


If scientists,  comittee of experts explain you

Wealso have rights about this land and chiefs

Our legah share should be given to us

Bestrow a fever upon to your real people


So many art experts travel around

Selected bright headed,  educated men

Here real reatives are forced timidly

Do a fever about rights of ruined men, it’suitable father Gurgur


O the bewitched torch of heaven raising in our hearts

In city where bright heads live, goal is denied

Kings also admire his sprituality

World’s beloved, sultan of his citizens father Gurgur

There’s such a treasure under your skin

This treasure never comes to an end, increases regularly

Your treasure can’t be fit into real estate of earth

You need a different fate father Gurgur


You’ll secure our future surely

You should act graciously to your real people

Your people serve you also with their hearts

However don’t be hopeless and scattered father Gurgur



 O old well shaped, big fortress where there’re lots of gun carriages

Memory of the thousands years, the greatest fortress

O corporal sound of huge splendid statue

Inside you so many dervishes of Yunus are hidden


You also thrown out thousands of Yunus in your prison

You’re the grave of holy corpses of kings

You stole thousands of kings and made them away

Your age is too young, don’t suppose you can runaway


Thousands of years passed this is the lenght of your life

Now material of wisdom is made of pearl’s mother