KIRKUK POETS Iraq Turkoman Poets: Osman MAZLUM


Dr. Shemsettin KUZECI

 Osman MAZLUM was born in 1922 and died in 1996.While he was learning Quran, arabic in schools of neighborhood he was attending middle school and lycee at the same time. After he had completed his lycee education he attended to Baghdat Universty, Faculty of Law. He started working in the Ministry of Justice in 1956 and retired in1972. After retiring he has been working as a free lawyer.

Osman Mazlum who knows arabic and persian language well focused on the Ottoman Poetry.  He used foreign words in his poems for this reason our young poets didn’t benefit from him. He is well known for his roughs. His poem titled’Practive’is celebrated among the Turkoman Literary Men.


* Roughs of Kirkuk, (3 volumes), Baghdat, 1951

*From The Note-book of My Heart, Kirkuk, 1967

* Abidin, Poems, Kirkuk, 1972

* Roughs, Baghdat, 1975

* Chatting With Cock, Baghdat,1986



Hello o flower bud my hope hello

Hello o my spring time

Hello o sultan of Leylas narcissus of vineyards

Hello o light of my tear my rosary hello

Hello o the darling who made me crazy in this wild love

Hello o angel my sovereign in love hello

Hello o meeting of my exiled, heart, my desire hello

Hello o great separation my silent pain hello

Hello o moonlight ofmy darkness hello

Hello o darling of my life my soul hello

Hello o my honor in the world hello

Hello o her lip look like fountain of my life hello

Hello her eyes are my image hello

Hello o her hair is my worldly hope hello

Hello o the victim of my hunting hello

Hello the source of invition and inspiration of ‘the injured’

Hello the couplet of my poem sorrow of my heart hello



Suffering nightingale, suffering nightingale

Rose is wrapped with thorn nightingale

Old days never come back

Do not tell your crying to wind nightingale


Days passed spring came to an end

Fall caused my rosary destroyed

Although I found at last I lost immediately

I fell in love with a hard beloved nightingale


For whom do I play my saz

To whom do I tell my heart’s desire

There’s no love except you

Who knows my heart’s pain nightingale


In the fate wheel of fortune never turns

Man doesn’t remain same

Masters of yesterday

Became slaves to day nightingale


Tomorrow is unknown

You’re not determined at all

Nobody knows your religion

Where’s the direction of Mecca nightingale


You’re not strong so much

You don’t have any troubles about richness or poorness

To day in the mountain, tomorrow in the vineyards

You suffer nightingale


I’m not eager left over

You have the longest breath

I’m friendless so are you

Do not touch the ring nightingale


So many unjusts

Bad mannered unbelievers

Hammer between us

Both to large nail and horse-shoe nightingale


Come on let’s migrate from this land

Faraway from hard difficulties

In the vineyards of dervishes

Let’s jump to a branch nightingale


You traveled around so many countries

You saw both comrades and enemies

Unlucky as ‘Mazlum’

Who saw anyone else tell nighingale