Dr. Shemsettin KUZECI

One of Kirkuk’s young poets AliYagmuroglu was born in 1954 in Dakuk district connected Kirkuk After he had completed his lycee education he started working as a clerk in Kirkuk Electricity

Administrative Office. He continued his duty up to 1995.He had to leave Iraq as other Turkoman Intellectuals since that date. He took shelter in the mother land Turkey in 1995.He used to work as a manager in a trading company in Izmir. He has been working in Dubai.

He focused on literature world in 1973.At the beginning he wrote roughs, later on he started writing his poems in syllabic meter. His poems have been publishing in Yurt, Nativecountry, Newspaper, Kardeslik, Brotherhood, Birlik Sesi, Sound of Unity, reviews in Baghdat and Yesevi, Orta Doğu, Middle East, Kirkuk, Altın Köprü, Golden Bridge, Turkmen Bohcası, Turkoman Bundle, Savut-El-Turkmen, Turkmeneli, Turkoman Land, newspapers and reviews in Turkey.

Poet Yagmuroglu whose poems have been composed and recorded by some singers, considers rhythm important inhis poems. Poet who is faraway from his native country unwillingly, expresses his national emotions, pian, trouble and shouting in his amusing lines. He is the member of World Young Writers Union whose centre is in Azerbaijan.

Publications: Love Circle, Ankara, 2006


 O moon shine my dark night

My folksong isn’t sung by ud kemencha and nay

Arequest of you, an acceptance of me

Your happiness is sufficient, so is your presence

My Kirkuk you got cross, tears in your eyes

Even tears aren’table to put out fire of my heart

I’m infavor of peace, war is war

Your happiness is sufficient, so is your presence

I talked everywhere, I became silent somewhere

I’m offended by someone, ı  got cross with someone else

I strewed fires, vomited bloom even

Your happiness is sufficient, so is your presence


Pay no atention destroying of Tuz, Kifri, Bayat

My villages were destroyed, life came to an end

When the day comes you’ll hold out your hands

Your happiness is enough, so is your presence


YAGMUROGLU please mention about my name

My happiness is related to you, so is my joy

Kirkuk only becomes a current issue step by step

Your happiness is sufficient, so is your presence




From Mendeli to Telafer

UnluckyTurkmen Land

Look for the bravery among us

This means love circle for us


White Sheep Reigning is native country of Turkmen

Resisting against unjustice

Enemy drove crazy, became uncontrollable wild

This means love circle for us


Black sheep also monkey

Vineyard and melon field look like honeyed

Saying no to divison

This means love circle for us


Karatepe, Kifri, Bayat

Struggle in Tuz, knit your brows in Erbil

Sword, shield also gray horse

This means love circle for us

YAGMUR rain,  cloud, snow, sun

In four seasons we struggled

Singing march in arenas

This means love circle for us