KIRKUK POETS Iraq Turkoman Poets: Abdullatif BENDEROGLU


Tuzhurmatu, 1937- Urdun 2008

Dr. Shemsettin KUZECI

The poet, writer, researcher and reporter Abdullatif Omran BENDEROGLU was born in Tuzhurmatu in 1937. He completed his primary education in Tuzhurmatu and Kirkuk. He attended to the Technical School of the Kirkuk Petroleum Company but he had to leave the school due to political reasons and had to leave the country. BENDEROGLU lived in different countries (Lebanon, Greece and Bulgaria) and worked in various works.

He returned to the country in 1965. With the memorandum published in January 24, 1970, the Turkoman had received back some of their cultural rights and as a result BENDEROGLU appointed to the Spiritual and Ethic Guidance Manager. After a while he appointed to the Turkoman Cultural Directorate under the Ministry of Promotion. He also became chief of editor and lead writer of weekly Yurt (native country) Newspaper.

He acted as an Iraq reporter in the Anatolian News Agency in Turkey between the years of 1997 – 2004 and he retired from Turkoman Cultural Directorate under the Ministry of Promotion and lead writer of weekly Yurt Newspaper. He came back to the same newspaper when chief editor passed away in 2002 and he left his post in December 2003.

BENDEROGLU has chosen as a member of the Scientific Committee of the Nizami Institute of the Azerbaijan Scientific Academia and at the same time has given lectures and seminars to his students more than twenty years a Baki State University, Faculty of Literature and consequently he has awarded with honorary doctorate degree from the same university in 1992.

He acted as Undersecretariat of the President responsible from Iraq Turkoman Culture. He selected as a State Minister in the government established in Northern Iraq (Erbil). As a writer, poet and researcher, Abdüllatif BENDEROĞLU has total 36 books published including those published in Arabic.

 Some of His Publications:

A Step In The Way Of Iraq Turkoman Literature, Research and poetry – Baghdad, 1962

Sun Song. Poetry, Baghdad, 1969

Land of Native Country, Poems, Ankara, 1971

Imadettin Nesimi El-Bagdadi, Research, Baghdad, 1971

Father Gurgur, Epic, Baghdad, 1973

Melodies of Pigeons, Poetry, Ankara, 1977

Iraq Turkoman Language, Grammar, Baghdad, 1977

Clove, Poetry, Baku, 1977

Turkish-Arabic Dictionary, 4 Volumes, Baghdad, 1981

War Poems, Translation from Arabic in cooperation with Salih Nevres, Baghdad, 1986

Azerbaijan Poetry, Research and Investigation, 1 Volume, Baghdad, 1987

Our Proverbs, Research, Investigation and Comparison, 2 Volumes, Baghdad, 1989

A view to Turkoman Literature, 2 volumes, Baghdad, 1988

Poems of 42 Days, Baghdad, 1992

Until the End of the Year, Poetry, Baki, 2002

Bleeding Wound of the Night, Kirkuk, 2003




For the sake of my nation I always feel a sudden rush of affection

In order to keep my language alive my life is shield

Turkoman is my race; which spreaded along history

We never knew what the fear was we said, hello death.


I traveled around Ural Altay, wrote a folk song with love

To my broken language with longing I had a look

By the voices of Oghuzes I lightened a thunderbolt

We didn’t laugh for long years we said, hello death


Orhun monuments, ruins of Gultekin

Inscriptions of Gokturk, evidence of history

In our hearts answers of questions are clear

We died for islam remained alive we said, hello death



My unbored soul is in fire by love,

Trembled at the clamp of love.

My heart became customery to press,

Along years, shouted because of anger


Neither you trated my trouble

Nor I woke up from fictions

Would you set my love on fire,

To bullet I became mark endured



Your longing is in my heart

Lives inside Kirkuk


Mothers and grandmothers

Wake up and sleep Kirkuk


When father Gurgur cries,

Shakes off escapes Kirkuk,


Unopened secret of history

Clears away Kirkuk,


Thunderbolt lights to world

With flame Kirkuk.



Loving native language

Means loving mother’s armful

At the first days of life.


Loving native language

Is living again.

At the last days of life.